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Standing on the Foundation
December 1, 2016, 4:33 pm
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I guess I must be beginning to show my age because some things are beginning to bug me more than they used to.  I can’t stand when parents curse their children in the grocery store, when rap artists rap about killing people, stealing, and degrading women through exploitative sex and then turn around and thank Jesus at an awards show.  It bugs me when people say they can’t cuss because the preacher is there and that they need to clean up their act because they are walking into the church building.  I guess I am just getting older.

Probably the biggest thing bugging me at the moment is the way we seem to be turning our back on the God that established our nation.  It reminds me of a story.  Remember Balaam?  Okay, do you remember the talking donkey?  Let me help.

The Israelites were leaving Egypt and walking to Canaan.  Along the way, they were to pass through the kingdom of a king named Balak.  He did not want the Israelites to come through his land because he was afraid of them and thought that they would eat them out of house and home.  He came up with a great idea.  He would hire a prophet to curse the interlopers and then their fortunes would turn bad and they would not be able to make it through his territory.  He probably even saw this as a public service because all the “-ites” in Canaan could keep their homes.

You know the story.  Balaam says he can’t come a few times and then God finally lets him go to Balak with the caveat that he only could say what God told him to say.  He goes and blesses the Israelites instead of cursing them and Balak gets furious.  They tried a few more times with the same result.  You can read the rest of the story in Numbers 22-24.

In the book of Numbers 25, we find that the people of Israel began to sin with the women of Balak and the surrounding area.  Jude tells us that the reason they fell into this sin was that Balaam told Balak this would be the way to make them sin and then God would curse them as a judgment (Jude 11 refers).  The bottom line was, if they obeyed God, they would be blessed and provided for, but if they turned their back on Him, they would be cursed and would lose their blessings and standing with Him.

This is the same situation in America.  We were founded as a Christian Nation.  To deny this is to go back and extricate all references from the Mayflower Compact, the Revolutionary Congress, the founding fathers, and to do violence to most of our historic landmarks.  We founded our nation on the gospel of Christ and it has been that foundation on which we have stood.  For decades, we have been attempting to pull that foundation out from under the nation.  In essence, we are, like the Israelites, sinning and counting on God not to notice.

This bugs me because it does not have to be.  It bugs me because it is not wise.  It bugs me because it ignores history.  It bothers me because it ignores the future.  It bugs me because it is exchanging the glory of God for a lie (Romans 1:18-23).  It bugs me, but maybe I am just getting older.


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