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Listen Carefully and I Will Tell You Exactly Who to Vote For
June 30, 2016, 9:36 am
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Unless you have been completely disconnected from any kind of media, you no doubt already know that the election season is upon us.  Here in our county, we will vote in primaries on August 2nd.  From the presidential election all that way down to smaller county offices, we will be called upon to vote our conscience when it comes to the various candidates.  But how are we to vote?

Before you raise a flag of undue concern, allow me to acknowledge that I am running for County Commissioner in District 5 of our county and this is not a shameless plug for your vote.  Actually, I am running unopposed, so there is no need.  That being said, who should you vote for?

From the beginning of our nation, we have been a republican style of democracy.  What does that mean?  It means that the citizens of this great nation have been given the privilege to actually cast a ballot for its leaders.  While it might not seem like it at the national level due to the electoral college issues, the reality is that each legally recognized citizen is afforded the privilege of voting.  As this is the foundation of a democracy, this right is one of the rights most often cited when thinking about the many men and women who have died defending our freedom.

So, why would I begin with such a pedantic reminder?  Good question.  Most importantly, because it has become increasingly in vogue in recent years to refuse to vote.  There are many reasons cited for this, such as not having a candidate that you personally like, apathy towards the future of the nation, cynicism towards the voting records of those elected, and on and on.  Many people reason that if they don’t vote, then they cannot be blamed when things go wrong.  These same people then go on to bemoan the condition of our nation.

While there is no direct verse addressing voting, there are some principles that we can apply from scripture.  One of these can be understood from Jeremiah 29:7 which says, “Seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf; for in its welfare you will have welfare.”  While it is beyond the scope of this article to fully expound this verse and its context, we at least see a foundational concept of doing what we can to help the land in which we live until we get to go to the promised land, which for us is heaven.  The most important part of this is to pray, serve, and love the people who make up this nation.  After that, we must go our part to make sure we help the nation move forward because in its welfare is our welfare.

So what does voting have to do with the welfare of our nation?  If those for whom the current direction of our nation is a concern stay home from voting, the only people to vote are those for whom the current direction of our nation is desirable.  It might not be our nation, but our community for which you are concerned.  Again, to refuse to vote is to allow those who are pleased to continue unchecked.  You might say, but wait!  What does my one vote really matter?  Whether it adds to a total, reverses a decision, or has any impact at all, the bigger issue is to ask if you have done all you can to love your fellow man as yourself, to pray and be involved in helping to bring welfare to the land in which you find yourself sojourning, and to let your voice be heard concerning righteousness in our land.

So, all of that is to provide the background to tell you exactly who to vote for.  Are you ready?  When you have prayed, investigated the candidates, become familiar with the potential issues facing the office being voted upon, and having done all in your power to be informed, then you should go and vote for the person or persons God directs you to vote for based upon that information.  It might not be the same person or persons I vote for, but make sure it is based upon inspiration and information.  Above all…make sure you vote!


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