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God’s Invisible Hand
January 30, 2015, 11:52 am
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Gods Invisible Hand

When I was in Seminary, the last time, I was shocked as I was studying Old Testament canonization and realized that one of my favorite books of the Bible had been seriously debated for inclusion in the Canon.  The book was the book of Esther.  It seems that the debate centered on the fact that the name of God is not mentioned anywhere in the book.  In addition, there were some other issues, like the positive presentation of a Gentile, conqueror king, Ahasuerus.  Also, there was the negative presentation of Jews that did not return to the Promised Land when given the opportunity.  While these side issues caused a stir, the main issue was the lack of mentioning God.

As I think about this situation, after having led my Sunday School class through a study on the book of Esther that I have written, I am reminded that God often acts in our lives just like He did in Esther.  There are times when we are going along in life and we are in need of God to act.  We pray and pray and feel like He is not there and we are on our own.  When the situation is over, we look back and find that, not only was God there all along, but He directed the whole situation.  Just when we are tempted to feel ignored by God, we realize He has been there all along.

An example of this was when my wife’s grandfather was suffering from mesothelioma.  He had worked in the shipyards in World War II.  We prayed and prayed for his healing.  I realize that some might think he was not healed because we did not have enough faith.  We even thought that and really agonized.  It seemed that no matter how much we prayed, he simply continued to deteriorate.  Finally, he died and my wife was broken-hearted.  One day, we were talking about it and it dawned on both of us that God had done exactly what we had asked.  We had asked for her grandfather to be healed.  As a believer in Christ, the moment he closed his eyes in this life, he was healed of his disease and is experiencing God’s presence.  God had been listening and had been acting all along.

I do not know what you are facing right now, but know this:  God loves you.  God knows you.  God knows what you are going through.  He does not sleep, nor slumber.  He does not change.  You can count on Him.  You might not see Him right now, but He is there.  Hang on and you will find He has been there all along.  If you are not yet a believer, then you need to begin a relationship with Him through His Son in order to see Him and understand, but He is there.  If you are a believer, hang on.  God is there.


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