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May 22, 2014, 4:59 pm
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hear from one of the apostles directly?  Have you ever wondered what they might tell you?  Which would you most like to talk with?  Peter?  James?  John?  I have often wondered what it would be like to hear from Judas Iscariot.  What would he say to defend his devilish actions?  As I have researched the man, here are some things I believe he would say.

 Hello.  I am Judas Ish-Kerioth.  My name is simply Judas, the man of Kerioth.  It is in South Judah.  Joshua settled it, but no one remembers or cares about that where I am now.

I was one of the twelve called to Jesus and given powers.

I was the only one that did not come from Galilee, but I came from Judah.

Matthew gives an account of my calling in the book that bears his name in chapter 10 and verses 1-4.

I was sent out with His power-we would heal in His name.  People would make themselves unclean to see their friends healed.

I could speak Jesus’ name and demons would come out with hissing.

I was important as the treasurer – sometimes I stole from Him, but we had nothing, not His way.

Some gave to assuage guilt, some from devotion, like Lazarus and Mary and Martha.

I had it better than you.  You worship someone you only read about, an invisible Lord, but I walked and talked and ate with Him.

I thought He was a conquering king, but I soon began to doubt it.

I couldn’t argue with miracles:  Peter on the water and the 5000 fed, why did he not bless $?

I was the only one from Judah and I just knew I would be the minister of finance and second in command, if only he would set up His Kingdom like He was supposed to.

In Matthew’s book 22:15-22 Jesus talked to us and I knew He was not going to exert His Kingdom without being forced.

Psalms said His heal would not be bruised.  I came up with my own plan.  Lots of people here do.

What made me snap?  Matthew tells of it in 25:17-25.  He had embarrassed me in front of these hicks and fishermen.  Next, he instituted the Lord’s supper, but my plans would change that.

I sold him for 30 pieces of silver, the common slave price of the day.  I had more than that in the purse, it wasn’t the money, but a plan to make Jesus be Who He was to be.

My plan was better than a broken body and spilled blood.  But; alas, all I do is get to remember now.

The rest of the story?  Very well.  He went to the garden.  I knew He would.  He could have sent word, but He did not.  I got the authorities.  I promised a sign because Jesus was just like us.

I kissed Him on the cheek.  He didn’t rise up.  They tied Him up, He did not rise up.  They abused Him, He did not rise up.  The rest fled, one naked, I stayed because I was out of danger.

I realized He was not going to rise up when He entered the High Priest’s courtyard.  I knew what they planned and He was going to let them do it!  The only thing good about me in Matthew’s book is found in 27:1-5, but it was too late.  I didn’t get it!  I was bereft of hope, so I killed myself.

The last thing I remember is closing my eyes to the thoughts, “what have I done?”  I opened them and I was here.  Where is here?  Hell!

Fire, worms, darkness, stench, fear, sounds, pain, separation from God, remembrance of the same story every day of how I could have spent eternity with Him, but thought I had a better plan.

I would not surrender to Him, but wanted to use Him for my gain.

If I can leave you with one last thought…Don’t come here!  In Hell, there is no party!  The devil is not in charge here!  There is no rest in Hell!

I could have been there, but I am here because I could not get the gospel, good news, from my head to my heart.  Don’t you make the same mistake!

What’s that?  Oh yeah…I have to go tell the story again.  I have been here for 2000 of your years, but this is forever!  This is forever!

Bye!  Hope I never see you again!


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