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Crash the Chatterbox before The Chatterbox Crashes Your Christianity

Crash the Chatterbox

Steven Furtick, known for such books as Greater and Sun Stand Still, has brought us another helpful book, Crash the Chatterbox:  Hearing God’s Voice Above All Others.

In this book, Furtick, in his normal, open style, shares his struggles as a believer and provides us with some helpful guidance taken from various episodes throughout the Bible.  Defining the thoughts that undermine our walk with Christ as “The Chatterbox”, Furtick exposes the purpose of these thoughts as well as how to counter their discouraging, distracting, and defeating effects on our lives and hearts.

He begins with reminding us that we are who God says we are and not who our past, our present, or our patterns say we are.  Many people spend a good portion of their lives trying to please others and trying to measure up to the standard others set for them as believers, but Furtick suggests that we would be better off listening to who God says we are from places like Ephesians 1 and others.  If we would realize that God not only loves the world, but that He likes us as well, we could skip a lot of the stress and exhaustion plaguing many as they try to earn what they already possess in Christ.  We are who God says we are.

Another area that believers struggle with comes from the fear of doubting God will come through in difficulty.  We are not convinced he likes us, so we doubt whether or not we can really count on Him.  Our inner Chatterbox tells us not to risk stepping out in faith because we might fall through the cracks.  Because God does not always act the way we think He should, we doubt if He will act at all.  Furtick combats that with promises of scripture taken from examples like Elijah on the side of the mountain asking God to take his life because he could not see all God was up to.  God will do what He says He will.

Next, Furtick reminds us that we are to be set free by the reminder that God says we are forgiven and all that entails.  Again, taking his examples from scripture, he reminds readers that Satan’s main job is to accuse.  He uses temptations to draw us into sin, but then he uses accusations to whisper to us that we could never be forgiven.  He brings up the pornographic image from our memory and tells us we can’t forget so we are not forgiven.  He uses the disease our sin brought on us as an accusation God has not forgiven.  He uses everything he can to get our Chatterbox going to obscure the fact that we already have the victory.

Lastly, Furtick wraps up his work with a reminder that we are more than conquerors in Christ.  This does not mean that we can do anything we want to do, but that we can do anything God wants us to do.  As we rely on His power, His plan, and His position in our lives, we surrender and accomplish more than standing on our own.  This crashes the Chatterbox of discouragement that keeps us back from trusting God to work in our lives.

Overall, Steven Furtick has written a book that is much more than just the power of positive thinking.  He uses solid Biblical examples to back up each point and does not take any liberties with interpretation or context.  He has produced a very helpful book for those who have struggled with believing they matter to God and can be used for His Kingdom.  It would also be helpful for those who are trying to encourage such people.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.


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