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‘Twas A Week Before Christmas
December 19, 2013, 5:30 pm
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Advent Candle:  Love

‘Twas a week before Christmas and all through the land,

Not a creature wasn’t shopping, yes, even a man!

The credit cards were humming through machines without care,

In hopes that they could pay when all of the bills got there.

The children were whining about this and that,

Hoping Mom had forgotten they mistreated the cat.

With Mom shopping Liberal and Father at Dodge,

They both heaped up carts of quite a hodge podge.

Mom and Dad filled up their carts in a flash

And spent all of their money, yes, all of their cash.

When in the Times and Leader, there arose a reminder,

That Christmas is about Christ and being a little kinder.

When on their way home, they stopped for a rest,

They began to think of all of the ways they were blessed.

They had family and friends, cars and a home,

They had money for vacation and even to roam.

As they sat there and soaked up their reasons to thank,

They remembered contentment can’t come from the bank.

They went to their home with a new sense of glee

And gathered the children their Bible to read

They read of Jesus and angels and kings,

They read about all of the wonderful things.

They read of forgiveness, of wiping out sin,

They read about Mary and Joseph again.

And just as they started to all say goodnight,

The youngest suggested they pray if alright.

They prayed and asked God to bring to their mind.

The Reason for the Season amidst the daily grind.

As you make your way through this Christmas Season,

Don’t forget to make Jesus the reason,

The reason you celebrate is Christ, not just shop.

So let’s keep him right on our list at the top.

May God bless you as you spend this Christmas season

Thanking Him for the most important reason.

Our only way to forgiveness of sins

And an eternity to be celebrated with Him.


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