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When Is Nice Too Nice?
December 2, 2013, 4:35 pm
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Humble Orthodoxy

Joshua Harris, in his book, Humble Orthodoxy: Holding the Truth High Without Putting People Down, has undertaken a much needed topic: How do we share the Truth of God’s Word with people in a loving way? Harris tries to address this topic by suggesting that we stand up and stand firm, but make sure we are careful about what we stand up and firm on.

In spirit, I agree with the assertions of the book, but I disagree on what should be the non-negotiables. While we disagree on WHAT should be fought for, we agree on HOW we should fight for it. For instance, he says repeatedly that we should look at the log in our own eye before helping the brother with the speck in his. Since these are Jesus’ words, I totally agree. The question becomes, since I am not perfect, and won’t be this side of heaven, does that mean that I cannot help someone else by helping them to see the destructiveness of their sin? I do not think this is what Jesus meant. He says that we should always have the attitude that we are not fighting to win for our own glory, but fighting for the sake of the other person and for the glory of God. I agree with this and with the sentiment behind it. People that are lost face a horrible future. This should cause us immeasurable concern or as Harris puts it, “with a tear in our eye”. We should be concerned for them, but not to the point that we remain silent on important issues. If we are to remain silent on issues like salvation, sin, and separation, we are actually doing the most unloving thing to others possible.

Harris writes in an engaging way and is accessible to readers of any age. He does a good job with making his illustrations both applicable to the reader and vivid to their imagination. When you finish reading his book, Humble Orthodoxy, you have no doubt where he stands or what he is calling you to do in response. If you have ever struggled with how to approach other brothers and sisters in Christ about the things that we disagree about, this book can help with holding your motives and attitudes up to the mirror. If you are wanting to engage the lost, this can help you to make sure you are real and genuine. You might disagree about what things to speak up about, as I did, but it is still helpful.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review


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