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The Power of the Prophetic Blessing May Answer Some Questions While Leaving Others
September 1, 2012, 12:41 am
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I was provided a free copy of Dr. John Hagee’s latest book, The Power of the Prophetic Blessing.  I was excited to read this as I used to listen to Dr. Hagee, while a child in San Antonio, Texas.  When they contacted me about reviewing his book, I was honored and look eagerly forward to receiving the book in the mail.  Finally, after many days of anticipation, the book arrived.  I tore open the box and immediately started reading the book.  It is important to note that I did not even take time to pop the little air pillows in the box.  This should tell you the level of excitement I had for reading this book.

As I got into the book, I noted that Dr. Hagee seemed to have changed the main focus of his ministry over the years.  I read a lot about how I am supposed to support Israel, which I don’t have a problem with.  I read about how many books Dr. Hagee had written and I found this interesting.  It was about halfway through the book that I realized what I had been reading.

This book is textbook classic for those that endorse a name-it-and-claim-it theology.  The main idea of the parental and prophetic blessing is that you say whatever you want to say over your child, business, home, marriage, etc. and God is somehow obligated to bring it about.  Since this is not my personal theological stance, I decided to read the book and see if there were any caveats for this type of speak what you want and it will appear way of living the Christian life.

After a few more chapters, I became confused as Dr. Hagee is honest enough to say that a person is going to face difficulty in life, which is not normal fare for prosperity doctrine.  He also said that a person has to have an intimate and growing relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ, in order for us to know God’s will on a matter.  Once we feel that we know God’s heart about a person, relationship, business or opportunity, then we can speak a blessing over that thing and, since it was God’s will, it will come about.

I came away from reading Dr. Hagee’s book feeling like I had a better understanding of his personal stand as well as his desire for people to use their words to help others and not just to tear them down.  That is the main power of the Prophetic blessing.  I believe Dr. Hagee is trying be faithful to the text, supportive of Israel, healing to our families and communities and this was his effort at contributing further to that effort.  While I do not agree with some of what it written, I hear his heart and appreciate the plain language way in which it was presented.


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