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Light Is Needed Most When It Is Darkest
February 3, 2012, 8:18 pm
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As I was walking out of my front door this morning, just south of Liberal, I looked up and was stopped in my tracks momentarily.  As I looked to the north, where Liberal should have been, there was nothing.  No lights.  No traffic.  Nothing.  It was dark out and it was foggy.  This combination synergized to obfuscate the normal photoluminescence of the conglomeration of domestic abodes known as Liberal.  In other words, like my previous sentence, they confused me by being too dense to see through.

As I looked at this sight, I was struck with a thought.  What would it be like if Liberal actually wasn’t there?  What if some storm, bomb, earthquake or some other terrible event happened in the night and I awoke to find that the entire town was simply gone.  It had been destroyed.  How many people would go into an eternity without a relationship with Jesus Christ?  How many people would have to stand before the judgment seat of God and hear, “Depart from Me, I never knew you?”  How many would be doomed forever to spend eternity in Hell, tormented with no possible relief or deliverance?

As I pondered these things, I started to feel disturbed.  I wondered how God must feel about all of the people that would miss out on Heaven.  I wondered how I should feel, if I am a slave of God and am supposed to be about His business.  I wondered how many loved ones would mourn, knowing there was no such thing as a second chance.  I wondered how many people would try to feel better by saying, “Maybe, at the last second, they cried out to God.”  Don’t get me wrong.  If they had done that, they would be saved, just like the thief on the cross next to Jesus, but how likely is that?  And certainly how likely if they have never even heard they need to cry out to God for anything?

All of this was swirling in my head and heart as I began to drive in.  And then I was hit again by another thought.  As I was driving, I had gotten far enough away from the park in which I live to have passed outside of the effective range of the lights there, and had not gotten far enough to begin to see the lights of Liberal, which I trusted were still on.  As I looked around, I realized that I was in the middle of nowhere with no light, no point of reference, no direction, but still moving.  I wondered if that is not how many people, and many churches are living their lives.  Have we forgotten that people need light for a reference?  Even though they say that all truth is relative, don’t we all really want something as a reference to even know if we are on the road?

In that quiet moment, I renewed my commitment to sharing Jesus with as many people as I can.  Not so that I can get another notch in my belt to impress people with my evangelistic skills, but because there are people that might die today without Christ.

Will you join me in praying for our city?  Will you pray for your church to be a light on your corner or block?  Will you let your light shine so that others will at least have a reference point?  Will you share Jesus with them?  Will you help them out of the dark and into the light?  I hope so, because driving in the dark, on a rarely deserted road, with no lights is pretty scary, but I only had a few miles until I could see light again.  What must it be like to do that for eternity?


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