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Happy Birthday! You’re Not Invited!
December 8, 2011, 6:08 pm
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A lady in our church saw a church sign that had the title posted for all to see.  On the other side it said, “How would you like for people to schedule a huge birthday party for you and then not invite you?”  We asked our AWANA kids this question last night and they replied that it would be mean, not very nice, cruel, bad and not very good.  They said it would make them feel sad, left out, mad, angry, hurt and lonely.  The application of this question is obvious.  Are you including Jesus in your celebration of His birthday?

While the question is a simple one to answer, finding ways to include Him in the celebration might not be quite so obvious, so below is some ideas for doing so:

  • Jesus said that anything      you had done to minister to the least of these, you had done unto Him, so      why not take some time to find a family in need and buy them some      groceries, clothes and/or gifts for the kids?  Certainly, you could take them to the      clothes closet at a local church, or a food pantry, or even turn their      name into Knights of Columbus or the Christian Motorcyclists at Trinity      Faith, but why not help them yourself?
  • Next, Jesus said that      giving a cup of cold water to a child, in His Name, would you not be      overlooked or forgotten.  Why not      find a way to share a small gift with the children in your      neighborhood?  It could be a      homemade batch of cookies or brownies, or it might be a small gift you      made or bought.  Introduce yourself      to them, individually, and give them       the gift and tell them it is a party favor for Jesus’ birthday      party.
  • Jesus also said that you      have received Him when you have received the one sent in His Name.  Look for someone in your life that has      meant a lot to your Christian walk and take the time to write them a note      of encouragement and then take them out for coffee or send them a card      where you explain exactly what they have meant to you and why.
  • If we really believe the      Bible to be God’s Word, then take time to read your Bible this Christmas      season.  Set aside some extra time      to get quiet and crawl up in God’s lap and listen as He speaks to you from      the very Words He inspired.

While there are certainly more ways than just these listed to include Jesus in your celebration of His birthday, hopefully this has gotten us thinking and that, itself, might be more than we done in the past.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!


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