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Washington: A Legacy of Leadership, by Paul Vickery
August 2, 2011, 2:27 am
Filed under: Book Review

Paul Vickery, in his installment, Washington:  A Legacy of Leadership, from the series, The Generals, takes a serious look at the life, leadership and Lord of George Washington.

While many have undertaken to submit a work outlining the works of this fine leader, few have had the audacity to actually mention his connection to, dependence upon and belief in God.

Vickery does not sacrifice integrity, nor historical detail, in his version of the life of George Washington.  Vickery follows Washington from obscurity to legend while honestlly presenting both his victories and defeats, his successes and failures, when he got it right and when he got it wrong.  When reading the historical accounts, oftentimes taken from Washington’s copious correspondence, the reader is transported back to the time that defined our nation.  Once there, the reader is invited into the specifics that led Washington to make some of his best and worst decisions while leading first the army of the United States and then the nation itself.

If you have looked for an honest look at a great man that followed an even greater God, then this is a book you can’t afford to pass up.

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