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SOARing with Kenny Luck’s SOAR
January 20, 2011, 11:45 pm
Filed under: Book Review

I had the privilege of winning several copies of SOAR by Kenny Luck and I truly can say that I have been blessed, challenged, upset, enthused and otherwise exposed by reading this book.

In a style all his own, Kenny Luck has a way of cutting straight to a man’s heart as he addresses some of the challenges facing men of every generation.  From the very beginning analogy of taking flight lessons, he grabs the heart of a man and calls him out to be and do more, by following God’s leading, than most men will ever attempt in a lifetime.  “Just don’t fight me.” is a a truth that will resonate with men as we all know of times we have fought God’s leaning and leaned on our own understanding.

Unlike most books written to challenge men, Kenny truly goes at it like the men that showed up to help move him while injured.  He comes alongside, admits where you are and where he is and then challenges us to not only change our actions, but attitudes as well.  We were never meant to trust in our own strength, ingenuity or personalities, but the world tells us to do just that.  Instead, Kenny tells us to get ready to receive the power of God.  What a refreshing message!

SOAR challenges us to say yes to the Holy Spirit, make way for the Holy Spirit to work in our lives and families, to actively pursue thew Spirit’s working in our lives and to take that activity and share it with others.  While many people may think they must shy away from all this talk of the Holy Spirit, Kenny Luck does so without offending the anti-charismatic or the pentecostal (at the same time!)

Whether you study this book with a small group or on your own, you will find yourself talking to others about what God is teaching you and, isn’t that what we are supposed to be doing!?

I can’t wait to read Kenny’s other book, FIGHT!  I hope to be able to follow and live by his challenge as a new man and truly SOAR!


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