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God Doesn’t Make Junk!
August 19, 2010, 3:34 am
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Last week, I wrote to you about discovering that we all have problems and how we need each other.  As I have reflected on this more and more, I realize we all have many reasons for not wanting to help one another.  I know that we could easily and stereotypically lump everyone into the same category as not wanting to help one another because of selfishness, but might it sometimes be more than that? 

This last Sunday, I preached sermon on sin from 1 John 3:4-10.  There was only two points to this sermon.  Sin steals our joy when we become calloused to it.  Sin also steals our joy when we allow Satan to heap guilt and shame upon our shoulders and we carry it, even though it is forgiven by God.  We either make too little of sin or too much.  This leads to misery in the Christian life and falls short of the joy Jesus came to bring us.

What does this have to do with caring for one another?  I am glad you asked!  For many people, they simply cannot imagine being used by God because of all the load of guilt and shame they carry around.  It is like the story that I heard of a young hospital volunteer.  Her pastor was visiting someone in the hospital in which she volunteered.  He asked her how much time she volunteered at the hospital.  She indicated that she volunteered about 30 hours per week.  Since he knew that she did not work in any ministries at church, he asked her about it.  Her response is similar to that provided by many people when it comes to serving one another.  What did she say?  She said, “I am not worthy to serve the church or help others because of the things I have done.”  Sadly, the pastor was unable to convince her that this was not the case.

Too many times, we listen to the world tell us we are junk.  We listen to the accuser of the brethren tell us God cannot forgive us.  We listen to the lie God cannot use us.  We pay more attention to what we interpret as judgmental stares than we do to the scriptures that tell us there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus.  We compare ourselves to the outside we see of others’ lives and find we don’t measure up.  Being convinced we are junk, garbage, extras in God’s movie, we hide from being used for the Kingdom.

If you are in this place today, listen to what I say…IF YOU ARE IN CHRIST, YOU ARE A NEW CREATION!  THE OLD HAS PASSED AND THE NEW HAS COME!  (2 Corinthians 5:17)  You do not need to carry shame around from sins you have committed.  You do not need to hide in fear that God may let you into Heaven, but could never use you on earth.  God does not make junk!  If He did, what would that say about Him?  When tempted to look in the mirror and accuse yourself, why not look deeper into the mirror and ask God to help you see Jesus in you?  Ask Him to chip away all that does not belong including the shame of past sins.  Ask him to use guilt to bring you back to Him, but turn over the shame of forgiven sins.  You were not made to carry shame, so ask Him to help you not to.

Here is a practical suggestion…make a list of every sin you can think of.  Include on the list actions, attitudes and even secret sins no one knows about except you and God.  Once you have listed them out, pray and confess them to God.  Having done so, offer them as a sacrifice to God.  No, don’t kill an animal, but burn the list and ask God to take them away.  Say, out loud, “I am forgiven of these sins in Christ.  I will carry the shame no more.”  If you can’t say this with conviction, ask God to help you until you can.  Having done so, go and find someone and tell them you have been forgiven.  Tell them you have turned loose of any guilt or shame.  Keep telling them and others until you start to believe it.

Remember…God doesn’t make junk!  You are precious in His sight!


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