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Have You Ever Wanted?
August 3, 2010, 12:16 am
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 Shawn MacDonald has a song titled, Have You Ever?, that describes a question many people have dealt with.  Perhaps you have struggled with this at times.  Consider the lyrics and see if you can identify:

Have you ever wanted to be someone else?
Have you ever wanted just to be someone?
Have you ever wanted to reach your dreams?
Have you ever wanted life to be more than it seems?
I have tasted of a love so wide
That it stops all my time.
I have tasted of a love so deep
That it blows my mind.

Have you ever wanted to reach up and touch the sky?
Have you ever wanted to pack it up and say good-bye?
Have you ever wanted someone to care?
Have you ever wanted someone to be there?
He is sweet, He is sweet.
What your looking for
Is my sweet, sweet Jesus.
What You’re looking for
Is my sweet Lord.

Can you identify with the sentiments expressed in this song?  I certainly can.  Like Asaph in Psalm 73, “But as for me, my feet came close to stumbling, my steps had almost slipped.”  (Psalm 73:2) I have struggled with feeling like I matter, with feeling like God is using me in any significant way, with feeling like I am all alone.  Have you been there?

Perhaps you have been there as well, but we need to read the rest of Asaph’s comments to find out the answer of how to get out of that funk.  “Until I came into the sanctuary of God; then I perceived their end.”  (Psalm 73:16)  While Asaph was talking about the temple, what he was commenting on was getting to the point of running to God for the answers to these questions.  Running to the peace and sanctuary of God’s perspective is sometimes hard, but the answer to all of our struggles.  That is what Shawn McDonald answered in the song.  That is what Asaph answered in the Psalm.  That is the answer to whatever you are struggling with as well. 

Run to God.  If you have not yet, place your faith in Him by surrendering your sin-stained life to His Son and accept His forgiveness.  If you have done that, but still struggle, then run to His sanctuary.  You don’t have to set up a tent in the worship center of a church, but you can run to and trust in God’s strength to deal with the struggles and He was help you to understand how much you mean to Him.  He will help you to understand how much He cares for you.  If you need a quick example, look at the cross.  If you still struggle, seek out a Christian that has been through the same struggles and ask them to help you down the road.

Remember, fellow struggler:  God is not the problem.  He is the answer.


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